Friday, March 24, 2017

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday night and I am about to party hard, and by ‘party hard’ I mean I am going to go take my multi-vitamin, brush my teeth, and then watch 20 minutes of Netflix before I hit the sack.  But first, before things get too crazy, I am writing another Fitness Friday post because I want to be a committed blogger.

What’s new:  Nothing.  I am tempted to say that I am stuck in relaxation mode after my 40-day running challenge, but “stuck” isn’t the right word.  I am enjoying some time off from vigorous exercise.  I am going to get back to it, but for now I am having fun squeezing in moderate exercise on top of my regular day to day routine.

Changes to my routine: I went outside.  Seriously though, if it were 80 degrees all day every day I would be happy.  This week, the beginning of spring happened, and temperatures reached 40 degrees in my neck of the woods.  You better believe I was outdoors pretending like it was only a matter of seconds before a patch of crocuses bloomed and a robin landed on my head.  Throw in some skipping and humidity, and now you have a pretty good idea of how I envision spring in my daydreams---just me, with a robin on my head, dancing in a patch of crocuses.

Running: 3.25 total miles
Longest Run: 2.25 miles
Shortest Run: 1 mile
Craziest Run: I guess the craziest run was that time that I meant to run 2 miles, but didn’t realize I was actually a quarter of a mile farther from my house than I had anticipated.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: Dancing.  I am not a public dancer, but when I am in the comfort of my own home, I can really bust a move.  I don’t mean to brag, but I have skillZ.  SkillZ with a capital “Z” at the end. This week I have been cranking the Pandora Easter Egg Hunt playlist.  This list can be found categorized under the genre “Easter Egg Hunt”.  To me, this is a very strange genre, but if this is what the kids are listening to in anticipation of the Easter Bunny, I need to get to a modern day Easter egg hunt, stat!

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Picking up sticks.  We have had a windy couple of weeks and my yard is covered in sticks, branches, and some wood that I would probably classify as logs.  My daughter and I went outside to pick up a “little bit” (according to her) and every time I tried to transition to a new task she would say “No way! Get to work!”.  “No way” has become her favorite new phrase, and I have no idea where the “get to work” came from, but talking 2 year olds are the best. Also, picking up sticks is hard work!

Weirdest Food: One of my (former?) favorite local restaurants is a vegan cafĂ©.  They quit making my favorite dish recently (a burrito bowl) and replaced it with barbecue chicken nachos.  I tried the new dish which had cashew nacho cheese and buffalo soy curls, and it was weird.

Fitness highlight of the week:  Walking outside.  It’s spring!!!

Goals for next week: Exercise more consistently and find a regular physical activity that my daughter and I can enjoy together.

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week?

Enjoy Life!

Miss Nutralicious

Friday, March 17, 2017

Fitness Friday

It's time for another round of Fitness Friday.  Let's do this. Pow!

What’s new: I finished my 40-day running challenge! Sunday marked day number four-oh.  Go me! When I tallied up my GPS runs and treadmill mileage, I discovered that I officially ran a grand total of 166 miles.  I am a beast! A beast who will be rewarded with a long sleeve t-shirt.

Changes to my routine:  I’ve done a lot of chillin’ this week. I ran a couple of times, mall walked once, and attended my weekly tumbling class. Sometimes, adding relaxation to a routine is a much needed change.

Running: 15.25 total miles
Longest Run: 4.25 miles
Shortest Run: 3.5 miles
Craziest Run: My Thursday run.  I ran outside because it was sunny.  It was not warm, but the sun had melted the snow and ice that was previously covering the roads in my neighborhood. I ended up doing half of my run on the very slippery and muddy dirt roads near my house. Amazingly, I did not fall.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: I played basketball at the local YMCA.  This is an extremely normal physical activity, but extremely strange and out of character for me.  Even stranger, I am not a basketball player, nor a member of the YMCA.  Life is weird.

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Running around the kitchen table.  It doesn’t sound challenging, but when a toddler who idolizes her father discovers that her dad is a track coach, track becomes a thing. A beloved thing.  All week we have been “racing” and running “laps” around the kitchen table.  It’s a workout!

Weirdest Food: I am in a bit of a food rut lately. I haven’t made the time to cook much, let alone cook something unique and fancy.  This week I did make M&M cookies that called for vanilla pudding as an ingredient (delicious), and my mom made spinach calzones and gave me the leftovers (fantastic).

Fitness highlight of the week:  Finishing my 40-day running challenge. Nuff said.

Goals for next week: Exercise outside.  It’s still so cold, but I am sick of being trapped indoors!  I need some fresh air, and I am going to make it happen even if I need to wear my snowsuit. 

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week? Do you commit to fitness challenges?

Enjoy Life!

Miss Nutralicious

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fitness Friday

This week has been a blur!  Something major happened at my house this week; my daughter decided to boycott naps.  To be completely truthful, she is trying to abandon sleep altogether, but she hasn’t convinced me to jump on the 'no sleep' bandwagon, yet. 

A toddler’s decision to quit napping doesn’t seem fitness related, but I assure you that it is.  My entire exercise routine has changed this week because of her sleep patterns:

1.  I can no longer solo exercise during her naptime. And,
2.  I can’t wake up early to exercise alone, because she is already awake. Like, one day 3:00 am was “morning”. That’s how things have been going in my neck of the woods.

This will not (CAN not) be a permanent situation.  But, while it lasts, here’s what’s up in my fitness life…

What’s new:  I am still doing a 40-day running challenge (today is day 38!) but this week, I got the added adventure of doing each run with a two-year-old by my side.  It has been wild, but also fun.  

Changes to my routine:  I have traded my normal running music for a full Halloween playlist.  My daughter is really into Halloween right now, which makes sense, being that it is March.  Pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats and Halloween music are a big hit at our house. She loves playing in our basement, but doesn’t particularly WANT me to go on the treadmill.  Unless, of course, she can have a “monster ball” (major dancing included) to the Halloween music that I blare on the basement stereo while I run.

Running: 30 total miles
Longest Run: 7.5 miles
Shortest Run: 3 miles
Craziest Run: We lost power at my house for approximately one minute on Wednesday.  It happened while it was dark outside and I was on the treadmill.  The treadmill came to an abrupt halt and everything went pitch black.  I almost died.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: Track season starts on Monday (yikes!) and in preparation, my husband has placed a bucket full of track related things he needs to take to school on our kitchen table.  This includes a track baton.  All week, him and my daughter have been practicing baton passing and they’ve roped me into their game.  Regardless of what I am doing, one of them will run at me with the baton and yell “stick!”. This means I am supposed to run around the house and pass it to someone else by also yelling “stick!”.  

My family is a relay team.

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Our DVD player broke about a month ago, and my mother-in-law gave us an old one that she had in her basement.  My husband hooked it up this week and when he turned it on we discovered that there was an old Jane Fonda exercise video inside.  My daughter immediately started following along with the exercises, which was hilarious, and I joined her for a fun-filled 15 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity.

Weirdest Food: There hasn’t been a lot of time for weird food this week, but I’ll fill you in on a secret.  A major portion of my town lost power this week due to wind.  Currently, my parents power is still out, and they are storing a bunch of food in our basement freezer. 

I have been eating their food! Shh, don't tell!

Small portions.  I don’t think they will notice.  Last night I ate a Dr. Praeger’s Super Greens Veggie Burger.  It was good.

Fitness highlight of the week:  The highlight of this week is that I made it to day 38 of the running challenge.

Goals for next week: Complete my 40-day running challenge!

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week? Have you ever lost power while on a treadmill?  If you have kids, do they sleep?

Enjoy Life!
Miss Nutralicious

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What the Heck is a Registered Dietitian?!?

Did you know that today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day? It is!
Do you know who is a registered dietitian (RD)? Me! I assume my presents are in the mail.
I have been wanting to write about the science of dietetics for a long time, and I thought that today, a day that celebrates the key player in the nutrition field, would be a great day to introduce you to my chosen profession.
Today’s topic:

I figured this would be the best place to start.
What is a registered dietitian (RD or RDN)?
I get asked this question a lot. The term “registered dietitian” sounds very scientific-y, medical, and kind of intimidating if you aren’t familiar with it.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics defines registered dietitians as:
“…food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living.
                                                                        -The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Still confused?  Yeah, most people are when they receive this definition.  Or they say, “Oh! So you are a nutritionist?”
Well yeah, I’m a nutritionist! 
 Umm…except this leads to something even more confusing: 
Every registered dietitian is a nutritionist, but not every nutritionist is a registered dietitian.
There are very demanding requirements that must be fulfilled in order to use the registered dietitian credentials, but there are no laws or restrictions preventing individuals from referring to themselves as “nutritionists”.
-Some registered dietitians hate to use the term “nutritionist” because they don’t think that the term properly reflects their skills.  In other words, “nutritionist” is too simple of a term and doesn’t give credit for all of the schooling and internships a registered dietitian is required to fulfill.

-Some registered dietitians love the term "nutritionist" because it's a popular term that people understand.
The Dietetics Board of Directors and the Commission on Dietetics Registration has even approved the optional use of the credentials RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) for dietitians for no GOOD reason except that no one could agree on what to call themselves.
When it comes to what people call me professionally, I have no preference.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I basically drool and say “I love food!” So call me what you will, just don’t call me late for dinner.
Where to find a registered dietitian
Registered dietitians work in a lot of different places.  If food and nutrition are involved, chances are if there isn’t an RD at the forefront, there is at least one creeping behind the scenes.  Popular work locations for registered dietitians include:
Hospitals and medical centers
Sports nutrition and wellness programs
Community and public health settings
Food related businesses
Research areas
Private practices

Registered dietitian prerequisites

If you get the opportunity to meet a real registered dietitian in the wild, you might wonder how he or she became such a rare specimen. The minimum requirements for becoming an RD are as follows:

Education- As of now, a bachelor’s degree. Beginning in 2024, a minimum of a master’s degree will be required.

Internship- Acceptance into and completion of a 1200 hour supervised internship, usually 8-24 months in length.

Exam- Must pass an exam to become a registered dietitian.

Continuing Education- Must receive 75 continuing education credits every five years to retain certification.

What the heck is a registered dietitian?
Basically, a registered dietitian is a really cool person who has gone to school, studied a lot, and worked hard, all for the love of food.

Want to get in touch with a registered dietitian near you?  Click here!

Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!

Questions:  What do you want to know about being a registered dietitian? I would love to write more about dietetics and my experience in the field.  Is your job title or profession confusing to people outside of your work?
Enjoy Life!

Miss Nutralicious