Friday, March 3, 2017

Fitness Friday

In case you missed my post last week, Fitness Friday posts are something new that I am trying on the blog to help me maintain a more consistent posting schedule. I love blogging and I have a TON of things I want to share, but I am REALLY slow at turning thoughts into writing.  Writing about my fitness endeavors comes easier to me, and checking in on Fridays is a fun way for me to keep the blog fresh while avoiding blog abandonment during the time that I am crafting posts equivalent to the works of Shakespeare. 

Let’s get to it…

What’s new: I am on day 31 of my 40-day running challenge and I have a cold.  Colds are not a big deal, but they do require a bit of rest.  Well, not this cold!  I’m plowing through.  I have 9 days to go, and I am going to finish the challenge like a champ! 

Ok, I know this sounds stupid, but did I mention I get a t-shirt if I finish the challenge? My madness is justified!

Changes to my routine:  Alright! Fine, I’m resting. I decided to do long runs on days 38 and 40 so that I could take a day off and get rid of this stupid cold and still reach my 150-mile goal.

I am nervous, because I am really banking on this cold going away quickly. I want to make it to day 40 so bad!

Running: Total mileage this week: 30 miles
Longest Run: 6.5 miles
Shortest Run: 3 miles in addition to a day off
Craziest Run: Monday on the treadmill.  My daughter decided that she wanted to play catch and after yelling “CATCH!!!” she instantly rapid fired 3 balls in succession directly at my head before I could react and pull the emergency stop string to stop the treadmill. This crazy run was followed up with a talk about why it’s important to make sure the person you are playing catch with knows that you are playing catch before you start throwing.  Especially if your catch partner is on a treadmill.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: Mall walking.  To stay active, my family has been mall walking about once per week.  Hahahaha!  I never thought I would write such a ridiculous sentence. I think I should write an entire post about mall walking. It is quite an adventure.  I always wonder if people at the mall are a good representation of Americans, or if they are just a representation of mall people.  I’m leaning towards mall people, because I think mall people are their own unique breed.

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Did I tell you I signed up for a tumbling class? Probably not, because until yesterday I didn’t realize that I had signed up for a tumbling class.

I actually registered my daughter for a local YMCA class with a vague description that included the word “tumbling” in it.  When we arrived, the teacher told me and my daughter to take off our shoes and start warming up.  I have been trying to make mom friends, but my somersault skills are not going to impress anyone.

Weirdest Food: Tubettini.  Google says that Tubettini is a short version of Tubetti. Assuming you are not a pasta expert, Tubettini is a tiny noodle shaped like an “O”.  A micro version of a spaghetti-o. 

On Christmas, my brother and I decided to have a contest to see who could eat the most types of pasta in 2017.  I stocked my pantry with things like Tubettini, Acini Di Pepe and Fusilli right before my brother bailed on the competition and left me with a cupboard of weird pastas to eat.


Fitness highlight of the week:  Staying alive!  Seriously though, with the running challenge, tumbling class, having balls chucked at my head and a cold, finishing the week in one piece is a miracle.

Goals for next week: I want to create another 40-day challenge.  I don’t know what exactly, but I like the 40-day commitment length.  It’s long enough that I feel challenged but short enough that I don’t get bored.

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week? Have you ever committed to completing a fitness challenge?

Enjoy Life!

Miss Nutralicious

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