Friday, March 10, 2017

Fitness Friday

This week has been a blur!  Something major happened at my house this week; my daughter decided to boycott naps.  To be completely truthful, she is trying to abandon sleep altogether, but she hasn’t convinced me to jump on the 'no sleep' bandwagon, yet. 

A toddler’s decision to quit napping doesn’t seem fitness related, but I assure you that it is.  My entire exercise routine has changed this week because of her sleep patterns:

1.  I can no longer solo exercise during her naptime. And,
2.  I can’t wake up early to exercise alone, because she is already awake. Like, one day 3:00 am was “morning”. That’s how things have been going in my neck of the woods.

This will not (CAN not) be a permanent situation.  But, while it lasts, here’s what’s up in my fitness life…

What’s new:  I am still doing a 40-day running challenge (today is day 38!) but this week, I got the added adventure of doing each run with a two-year-old by my side.  It has been wild, but also fun.  

Changes to my routine:  I have traded my normal running music for a full Halloween playlist.  My daughter is really into Halloween right now, which makes sense, being that it is March.  Pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats and Halloween music are a big hit at our house. She loves playing in our basement, but doesn’t particularly WANT me to go on the treadmill.  Unless, of course, she can have a “monster ball” (major dancing included) to the Halloween music that I blare on the basement stereo while I run.

Running: 30 total miles
Longest Run: 7.5 miles
Shortest Run: 3 miles
Craziest Run: We lost power at my house for approximately one minute on Wednesday.  It happened while it was dark outside and I was on the treadmill.  The treadmill came to an abrupt halt and everything went pitch black.  I almost died.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: Track season starts on Monday (yikes!) and in preparation, my husband has placed a bucket full of track related things he needs to take to school on our kitchen table.  This includes a track baton.  All week, him and my daughter have been practicing baton passing and they’ve roped me into their game.  Regardless of what I am doing, one of them will run at me with the baton and yell “stick!”. This means I am supposed to run around the house and pass it to someone else by also yelling “stick!”.  

My family is a relay team.

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Our DVD player broke about a month ago, and my mother-in-law gave us an old one that she had in her basement.  My husband hooked it up this week and when he turned it on we discovered that there was an old Jane Fonda exercise video inside.  My daughter immediately started following along with the exercises, which was hilarious, and I joined her for a fun-filled 15 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity.

Weirdest Food: There hasn’t been a lot of time for weird food this week, but I’ll fill you in on a secret.  A major portion of my town lost power this week due to wind.  Currently, my parents power is still out, and they are storing a bunch of food in our basement freezer. 

I have been eating their food! Shh, don't tell!

Small portions.  I don’t think they will notice.  Last night I ate a Dr. Praeger’s Super Greens Veggie Burger.  It was good.

Fitness highlight of the week:  The highlight of this week is that I made it to day 38 of the running challenge.

Goals for next week: Complete my 40-day running challenge!

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week? Have you ever lost power while on a treadmill?  If you have kids, do they sleep?

Enjoy Life!
Miss Nutralicious


  1. Um, your family sounds like so much fun! My husband and I met running relays, so I have no doubt we'll try to entice our daughter into a family one of sorts one day too. Two other things: (1) I love that your daughter loves Halloween music--ours likes to dance to the Monster Mash song, although I think she likes the sound effects parts the best. :) And (2) I'm so, so sorry about the no-napping trend you're suffering through right now. I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting that must be. My sympathies!

    1. Thanks! I think we are a fun bunch. :)

      That's awesome that you met your husband running relays! To this day, I have never ran a race with my husband. We run together when we can, but for some reason, we have never registered to run a race together. I guess one of us always has to be a cheerleader!

      I am glad to learn that your daughter likes the Monster Mash too, the sound effects are the best part! As soon as my daughter hears the bubbling cauldron sounds she gets so excited. It's crazy! I don't even know what she will do when it is actually October.