Friday, March 24, 2017

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday night and I am about to party hard, and by ‘party hard’ I mean I am going to go take my multi-vitamin, brush my teeth, and then watch 20 minutes of Netflix before I hit the sack.  But first, before things get too crazy, I am writing another Fitness Friday post because I want to be a committed blogger.

What’s new:  Nothing.  I am tempted to say that I am stuck in relaxation mode after my 40-day running challenge, but “stuck” isn’t the right word.  I am enjoying some time off from vigorous exercise.  I am going to get back to it, but for now I am having fun squeezing in moderate exercise on top of my regular day to day routine.

Changes to my routine: I went outside.  Seriously though, if it were 80 degrees all day every day I would be happy.  This week, the beginning of spring happened, and temperatures reached 40 degrees in my neck of the woods.  You better believe I was outdoors pretending like it was only a matter of seconds before a patch of crocuses bloomed and a robin landed on my head.  Throw in some skipping and humidity, and now you have a pretty good idea of how I envision spring in my daydreams---just me, with a robin on my head, dancing in a patch of crocuses.

Running: 3.25 total miles
Longest Run: 2.25 miles
Shortest Run: 1 mile
Craziest Run: I guess the craziest run was that time that I meant to run 2 miles, but didn’t realize I was actually a quarter of a mile farther from my house than I had anticipated.

Strangest Physical Activity Performed: Dancing.  I am not a public dancer, but when I am in the comfort of my own home, I can really bust a move.  I don’t mean to brag, but I have skillZ.  SkillZ with a capital “Z” at the end. This week I have been cranking the Pandora Easter Egg Hunt playlist.  This list can be found categorized under the genre “Easter Egg Hunt”.  To me, this is a very strange genre, but if this is what the kids are listening to in anticipation of the Easter Bunny, I need to get to a modern day Easter egg hunt, stat!

Most challenging physical activity performed with a 2-year-old: Picking up sticks.  We have had a windy couple of weeks and my yard is covered in sticks, branches, and some wood that I would probably classify as logs.  My daughter and I went outside to pick up a “little bit” (according to her) and every time I tried to transition to a new task she would say “No way! Get to work!”.  “No way” has become her favorite new phrase, and I have no idea where the “get to work” came from, but talking 2 year olds are the best. Also, picking up sticks is hard work!

Weirdest Food: One of my (former?) favorite local restaurants is a vegan café.  They quit making my favorite dish recently (a burrito bowl) and replaced it with barbecue chicken nachos.  I tried the new dish which had cashew nacho cheese and buffalo soy curls, and it was weird.

Fitness highlight of the week:  Walking outside.  It’s spring!!!

Goals for next week: Exercise more consistently and find a regular physical activity that my daughter and I can enjoy together.

Questions: What was your fitness highlight this week?

Enjoy Life!

Miss Nutralicious


  1. Picking up sticks is a great activity. We did lots of "ready, set, go," which mostly consisted of me fake-fast running and my daughter watching and laughing.

    1. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one that does "ready, set, go" only to find myself shuffle-running by myself. My daughter has a tiny doll-sized wagon that she pulls around the yard and loves to fill with sticks. It's the best gardening tool I have. It lets me garden for longer than 10 minute blocks of time and it puts my daughter to work. Ha!